March 15, 2011

About IDG

“To accelerate high impact social entrepreneurs and enterprises through an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.”

-IDG Mission Statement


The Integrated Development Group (IDG) (formally the Integrated Development Program) is a student-driven, management consulting group sponsored by the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. Founded in 2010, IDG seeks to accelerate high-impact social entrepreneurs and enterprises through an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. 

The idea for IDG came out of the needs expressed by non-profit and sustainable development organizations for increased access to business services that help them to fulfill their missions. Today, 95% of non-profit organizations say that their social impact would grow with the support of pro-bono assistance. Thus, by offering pro-bono services to our clients, we aim to assist in the development and future sustainability of these organizations.

Our Team

IDG is comprised of a skilled team of University of the Pacific students who provide assistance to organizations through the completion of management consulting services. 

The student consultants represent a wide range of academic disciplines across Pacific’s seven colleges and are deeply committed to the betterment of our local, national, and international communities.The student consultants of IDG are familiar with the topics of social entrepreneurship, domestic and international community development, and possess specific skills from various backgrounds such as business, international relations, political science, engineering, economics, and the health sciences. IDG is sponsored by the Eberhardt School of Business and is closely mentored and advised by its faculty.

  • Experiential Learning – hands on consulting projects for real businesses
  • Meaningful Impact – clients are leading social entrepreneurs and enterprises
  • Membership Development – access to conference and training opportunities

Program Services

IDG’s portfolio consists of over 20 past projects and prior clients, both international and domestic, have included healthcare companies, impact investment funds, and small- and large-scale nonprofits, each of whose mission statement has been advanced through IDG’s work. Below is a breakdown of some fields in which IDG specializes in:

  • Market Research
    • Marketing Plans
    • Feasibility Studies
    • SWOT Analyses
      • Industry Research
  • Fundraising
    • Grant Research/Writing
    • Fundraising Plans
  • Business Strategy
    • Business Development Plans
    • Strategic Planning
    • Web Page Design
    • Program Strategizing
    • Organizational Development

IDG has worked in a wide variety of different sub-fields in both management and economic consulting beyond what is listed above. Check Our Impact for a breakdown of some of our more notable clients! Still cannot find what you are looking for, contact us!

Want to Learn More about IDG?

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